Write access during portal runs?

I have not tested this yet with current portal, so forgive me if the answer is “duh”.

Question is simply - do I have write access to file system during tournament (portal) run?
Even just temporary files.

I basically (might) need/want to extract a file from the jar, then read it in again, once per bot init.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @demaniak

Yes, we allow bots to write out files in their folder location. This is pretty useful as some kind of memory bank for your bot, but these files only persist within one match (bot’s cannot read memory files from other matches).

In the past, we restarted each bot every round and then memory files were the most obvious way to achieve this, but since 2019 we started keeping the bot process alive with simple stdIn commands, this way you can store memory in any variable or data structure in the bot’s code.

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Thanks @pierre.roux.

yeah, keeping the bots running for the duration opens some interesting possibilities … and some new potholes (memory leak/creep anybody?).

So cool, it looks like I will be able to do what I was thinking, assuming I go that route (so far results have been lackluster, to put it gently).