Bot Uploads for Codename Renegade

Bot uploads now open!

Start submitting your bots! The uploads are open for the first Tournament.

What this means

  • Bar any major fixes, the game-runner and engine will now be frozen on version 1.1.2 and will work on these mechanics until the next tournament begins.

  • You will be able to:

    • Submit your bot, see if it compiles and then download the build logs if it succeeded or failed.
    • Your bot will then be run against itself in a match to see if it runs correctly, and you’ll be able to download the match logs once it has finished running.
  • Current languages that are supported:

    • Common Lisp
    • C++ (The starter bot is not currently working with 1.1.2)
    • C# (.Net core)
    • Golang
    • Haskell
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Kotlin
    • PHP
    • Python 2
    • Python 3
    • Rust

Let us know if you guys have any issues uploading/downloading anything and we’ll help you out ASAP.

Thanks guys!

I am trying to upload my bot now. It doesn’t seem to do anything after I press upload? It just says no bots found. Furthermore my bot is coded in c++ and I use rapidjson to read the json file. I have compiled the program and was using that to run the bot up until now. Is it not possible to upload the bot with a makefile or something so that you guys can compile it? Or possibly just run the compiled file. I am guessing you do not use compiled files for security reasons? Thank you.

There was an bug that was previously pointed out on missiles destroying two buildings instead of one. Will that bug be fixed in the tournament. I have run into that bug a few times and it messes with the bots predicitions.

Hey @Dries

Is this a compilation error or an error that you are getting when uploading ?

If this is a upload error, please ensure the bot.json file is within the root folder of the zip file.

With regards to the compilation of the c++ bot, we are currently using g++ to compile the c++ code :slight_smile:
This can be done by supplying a compile.bat with the compile instructions (described in C++ Samplebot readme file ) E.g.
g++ -Wall sourcecode.cpp -o botfilename.exe
We can look into supporting using Makefiles for C++.

So for a initial test I zipped my project with the bot.json in the root directory. There is other IDE files/folders in there as well. Then I try to upload it by first dragging it over. It then gives me the option to press upload and I do. Then after I press upload it loads for a while and then returns to the “Drag a new file here” screen. Even after I refresh it says no bots found. My zip file is 1.1 Mb in size. Any idea why this is? Support for a makefile would be great if possible?:slight_smile:

Ahh, so you need to zip the contents of the folder, not the folder itself. So if you were to open the zip file, it should contain all your source code and bot.json, not a folder containing your source code :slight_smile:


IS there no error text underneath the button after you attempted to upload your bot?

@Privolin that makes sense. Thanks. I will try it now. @GeelKanarie no there is no error text. It just goes back to the original screen.

Upload, build and match status success for my python bot.
Thank you!


It still does not work. I will quickly try and upload an old python bot that just does nothing and see if that works.

So as @ArcRusty mentioned it works when I upload my basic python bot.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, tried uploading a python bot as per the instructions. After the upload I just get presented with the same screen again. No bots found.

hey @pete

If you open the zip file, is the source code and bot.json in the root folder or is it a folder containing the source code and bot.json ?

Hi, bot.json is in the root. Points to, also in the root. Which in turn uses source code in various folders.

requirements.txt is also in the root.

@pete is there no error message when you upload your submission ?

None at all I’m afraid. Neither error nor confirmation.

Upload works fine for me, but I’m getting No Command in the downloaded match logfiles after a certain round, no error is reported, the bot works fine locally, how exactly am I supposed to troubleshoot this?

Is the machine that the test is running on the same specs as the tournament machine, would a timeout be reported anywhere?

Concerning the version barring. Will the bug that allows a missile to destroy two buildings be fixed in the competition? The reason I ask is, because it messes with my bots predictions when it occurs. Or should I try and code this bug into it? Thanks.

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Hi @critic

I’ll check with the engine guys to see if we are/can report timeouts specifically and get back to you, but yes this is running on the tournament specs at the moment.

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