Bot uploads

Bot uploads are now open! Go to the player portal and start submitting your bot for the first tournament.

Remember the submissions deadline for Early Bird Showdown is midnight on the 2nd of June 2019.


My first build failed but I see I’m now stuck on the build screen, can I update before the first round if I changes my bot before then?

Thought I needed some time but it seems like there’s a problem in the build, it’s still pending.

Hi @styphoiz

You can upload multiple times. We will take the latest valid upload before the tournament deadline and use that one in the tournament. This also means that your bot used in the first tournament will be considered for the following tournaments if you don’t upload an updated version.

We see that Azure sometimes doesn’t pull the docker images correctly, and this will look like your bot builds forever. We are following up with the Azure team and we are looking at a better way to indicate this issue for the interim.

Thanks for the feedback, just thought of something I missed so an update is needed to my bot.
Can I assume my build was successful if it doesn’t fail?

It looks like your builds has now completed.

Please check again and let me know if it still says building.

Looks uploaded now, thanks.

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I seem to be getting the same problem. Uploaded a while ago now (25 minutes) and the build seemed stuck. Uploaded a second time, and both can’t seem to get past the build stage.

Any point in uploading multiple times when this happens, or will all the builds just get stuck until a solution is found?

Hi @DigitumDei

We have added an extra retry mechanism that should resolve most of these cases. In future, it can take up to 30 mins depending on how many times it needs to retry.

I have seen that there is a stray tab character after your email address in your bot.json that breaks the JSON reader. We will have a look at this tomorrow so that it handles these kinds of exceptions more gracefully, but for now, you can remove that character and upload again.

Thanks. Character removed and trying again.

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And success. Thank you for the help @Edwin

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Mines been stuck in match status since last night

I submitted my version 1 bot yesterday night (dotnetcore). I waited a couple of minuted for the build… then gave up and logged off. This morning I see the build - and the match status were successful. :slight_smile: All good.

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Your match should be done now. Azure failed to spin up the containers last night. We will add something similar to the compile logic to prevent this.

Seems like the same problem on upload.

How would the top 3 of the Early Bird Showdown be determined, is it score or wins?

We first look at wins, then to break any ties in win count, we look at total score across all your matches.

Still stuck…:confused:

Sorry, we missed that one match. This is still from before our fix to retry it if the match failed because of the infrastructure.

The result should now be available.

Those 2 are stuck in submit