Box Carting Tournament still running?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question: is the tournament still running?

From other threads it seemed we should be seeing over a 100 game logs (because of the “run each game twice” approach) - looks like I only have 52 (or 53, I counted quickly).
Also looks like my position changed since I last looked - and the position widget says “Round robin pending”…so…er?

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I’m not sure when the 2nd leg will commence, but some more info:

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The first round has completed. There are still some teething issues we are facing, including the leaderboard. (We do have the correct results though). We are actively looking at all issues to try and resolve them before running the second leg.

We will communicate with everyone when the next tournament will start.

Entelect Team

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Ah ok, thanks, so that that is still in effect.

Damn, now my position will probably go down, soon as the next round starts :slight_smile: