Bug in the Reference Bot - Please check

Hey Guys,

I uploaded my bot and got the following:

Upload Status: Success
Build Status: Success
Match Status: Requires Attention

Upon inspecting this match I found that there is circumstances where the reference bot returns consecutive do nothing commands.

For the sake of strategy I do not want to reveal the exact scenario here. But posting here so that I have a “Paper Trail”.

Please check my latest uploaded bots to see the problem.

It seems that the consecutive do nothings by the reference bot causes the engine to flag the game as being problematic. Even though the problem is caused by the reference.

I am still on the previous game engine, will update once I am finished with the last few sets of changes I am working on.

The error might go away in one of my next updates as the issue will no longer recur, but am not sure if 4 hours is enough for that update. Fingers Crossed.

Really Crunching over here.

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As far as I understand, it flags the match as problematic regardless of which bot had invalid/do nothing commands. See https://forum.entelect.co.za/t/new-match-status/764 for more info.

Not too important, My new version avoids the problem altogether. Still good to look into.