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Hi. When is the game engine code freeze for the first event? I just need to know if two issues will be resolved or will go into the first event:

  1. The first block isn’t considered. i.e. if the first block you drive through is non-empty (mud/oil/boost) its effect is ignored
  2. Collision behaviour. Not sure from the rule and/or code what exactly should happen in a collision. The collider is reverted 1) 1 block behind the collision block, b) 1 block behind their destination block, c) speed decreased one phase d) other
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Hi there, I have passed on your questions to the game engine team and we will get back to you shortly.

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Point 1 is vital I feel,

The only other mention is the Command Use oil has to drop under the player using it.
To avoid droping it under the opponent and it being ignored due to the ignore tiles under player rule.

For me those are the game defining rules. Have not updated my harness in a bit,
But they are quite important.

Hello @marvijo and @WillieTheron:

  1. I am looking into the 1st block issue, will have a resolution for you by tomorrow
  2. The collision behaviour of the game-engine is correct as we understand it, will give it another test through to make sure also we will be updating the readme to better describe the collision behaviour
  3. Will revert on the oil drop issue by tomorrow
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Isn’t the resolution for the first block issue that that is how it is supposed to work, to avoid double-counting the block the player ends up/starts on each round? That mud/oil/powerup would have already been applied on the previous round, so applying it again would double-count it. This is what it was changed to fix!

Regarding point two, there is still the question mentioned in the second point here: Command Execution Order

When I mention first block issue, I am refering to turning left or right moves ignoring the first tile.


So lets say I travel at a speed of 8, turn left, hit a muf on tile 1 and none after, my speed will remain at 8.
(Also if I would pick up powerups they would also get ignored)

So I am assuming the harness has the following bug:
When I only move forward, Block 1 = what I am standing on
When turning, Block 1 = left or right

or maybe it ignores first blocks based on the y value (instead of x and y)

Just a thought. I could not really find the code in source.

So if the first block is about whats directly underneigh, Then I misunderstood.

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Yes it ignores the item in the first block if a player changes lanes (y value). If the first item is regarded, it wont double count. Hehe we just need to know from the team if it’s a bug or by design, and if it’s going into the first event next week as is

Oops, that’s what I get for jumping in without following the thread properly. That definitely sounds like an issue! Sounds similar to the other issue in the post I linked - that overtaking through another player is still possible if one of the players changes lanes.

Well…overtaking if changing lanes sounds kinda plausible…in a Holywood action movie kind of way. IMHO that sounds sorta ok.

The other problem I think might be referring to dropping oil when the other player is directly behind you (i.e. yourX - 1).
That oil is only applied on the following round - which then means it is not applied to your opponent, who is then starting on the (new)oil puddle.
That is, in turn, an unintended side effect of two other previous fixes (the double mud/oil count, and your own oil drop affecting your self).

Welcome to the wonderful world of software development, also known as Crazy Caffeine Fueled Whak-a-mole - the points are meaningless and the rules are made up!

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