Cybertruck dropped by P1 on landing block of P2 - P2 unnaffected

Refer to:

I am trying to understand what is happening here.
Hoping somebody can point out what I’m misunderstanding (or point out the engine code that is causing this).

So, in Round 15 P1 is tweeting (USE_TWEET 1 165).
P2 is using oil.

In Round 16, we now have P2 and the cyber truck launched by P1 sitting at y =1, x =165 (can’t see it obviously, but trust me, it’s there).
P1 is TURNING_LEFT, P2 is choosing BOOST.

What I would expect for Round 17 is that P2 hits the cyber truck, P1 then has a Player collision with P2, and everybody is basically sitting at x=164 (block behind where the truck was).

However, as seen by the image above, P2 seems to be completely unaffected by the truck, while P1 seems to have hit it. I have been staring at the engine code for far to long now - just can’t see how I’m getting this end result in Round 17?

Hi @demaniak, This seems very similar to a bug we are working on, we are investigating it.


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It seems related to this:

When you turn left or use lizard you are unaffected by the cybertruck.
When you continue straight you trigger a colision.

But I also want to mention, I believe the way you feel it should work is opposite from the truth.

Cybertruck should have a 1 turn delay. So dropping it on an opponent’s end tile should not affect them at all.
So your case seems right. Its the cases where the truck hit that is faulty from my observation.

Thanks for the reply @Arne. Do you perhaps have a link to the particulars of the bug you are referring to? I’m just trying to see if I can compensate.

Not sure I follow you @WillieTheron.

Cyber truck dropped in round 15. (Round 1)
Round 16 proceeds as normal (and everybody has a chance to see the truck and react to it). (Round 2)
Things get weird in round 17, where player 2 goes straight (BOOST), but seems to ghost right through the thing.

I’m completely happy to say P2 should not be affected, except I had other cases like this (for P1) where the bot IS then affected (unless turning or lizarding as mentioned above).

What completely baffles me is that I’m staring at that scala code, and I can’t see why/how this is happening.
I actually went as far as porting the scale code into my system to ensure I’m one-to-one with the engine - so I can also debug the thing line by line at run time.
And I still just don’t see where/how/why things are diverging.

I can actually see that the abovementioned case is somewhat different from my own.

In terms of the actual collision, In the current harness I feel both should have hit the Cybertruck. Cannot say I had such a case myself.

I read the turn left on P1 and assumed he dodged the Truck.
Cannot say I know, Will run some tests as well.

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So yeah, in my current code (which is a straight port of the 2.2.3 tag engine code), both do actually hit the truck.
But that then diverges from what the game engine actually did.
If I was much more paranoid, I would almost want to say the engine source and binary do not match.
But of course that is crazy talk - I’m still convinced I got something wrong, or I missed some detail in the engine sauce.

I see in other threads that cybtertruck bugs are fixed and will be available in the next release - thanks Entelect Team :slight_smile:

Just in case in my situation is NOT related to those bugs, I will add some plot thickeners here.

Round 48:
P1 launches a truck at y:2 x:512
p2 chooses LIZARD

That brings us to Round 49:

P2 has once again landed on the cybertruck.
P2 chooses BOOST.
Now, from the previous posts here,we may be tempted to predict that P2 would be unaffected by the cybertruck under it’s wheels.
But that is not the case.

In Round 50, P2 most definitely was klapped by a truck.

This at least seems correct, based on my understanding of the rules, and reading of the code.
So - it seems lizarding makes the difference? If you WERE lizarding, and land on a truck, you get nailed. If NOT, then the truck misses you.
Or…other …?

Hello @demaniak apologies, forgot to reply to this thread. The intended behavior for a cyber truck being dropped on a player at the beginning of the round is for the cyber truck to be ignored by that player (because the start block of a round ignores everything as interactions regarding that block are considered in the previous round). As such the behavior described where player 2 ignored the truck and then player 1 who was behind travelled into the cyber truck is the correct behaviour.

The cyber truck hitting a player in their starting block is thus a bug that we resolved, it is unclear why you experienced a unique case where the player ignored the cyber truck even though that bug fix has not been released.

I hope this clarifies the question. If not please let me know :slight_smile:

HI, thanks for the reply @KyleMc.

So just so that I have this clear in my head:

Round N

  • Player 1 is at x 50, y 1, speed 9
  • Player 2 is at x 50, y 2, speed 9
  • Player 1 drops cyber truck at x 59, y 2
  • Player 2 chooses NOTHING (just cruising along, as one does)

Round N+1

  • Player 1 is at x 59, y 1
  • Player 2 is at x 59, y 2
  • CyberTruck1 is at x 59, y2
  • P1 chooses RIGHT
  • P2 chooses BOOST

Round N+2

  • Player 1 should have hit the cyber truck, and be x 58, y 2
  • Player 2 should indeed have happily boosted forwards to victory (or at least a nice chicken dinner). i.e. no unfortunate tweet-worthy automobile accidents.

Did I get that right?

Hello @demaniak yeah that sounds correct to me. Gonna add a test with that exact situation to make sure.

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Hello @demaniak test was added. Turns out when P1 turns into the cyber truck the cyber truck was ignored. This has been fixed for the new release.


Tests are what keeps the magic smoke INSIDE the wires :smiley:

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