I don’t know if anyone is interested in a frontend to see how the bots “worked” but if anyone is gimme a holler and I can hook you up, I built something quickly in Angular and will try and deploy it on AWS for people to use

so if we upload our replays to AWS you can access them?

Feel free to make one, it sounds really cool :smile:

There is an offline version of this at

Please make sure to disclose to people whether or not you will have access to their match logs, as this is a sensitive topic regarding participants’ strategies.

I do not keep any of the logs. The frontend only uses the standard pipe output in a text file and the text file is only available on your instance of the website. I really have no intention of stealing anyone’s work, I just thought that a ready built and deployed frontend would make it easier to see what your bot did that’s it. I can show the code snippet for the upload of the text file as well as the S3 configuration on AWS where I don’t save any input from the user on the server

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How difficult is it to run this code locally?

Not that difficult actually, I can give you access to the repo on github and you can ng serve it on your machine, that is probably safer for everyone to ensure they’re logs aren’t saved anywhere

I think github would be best.

I would be interested to see how many of us have NOT made their own visualiser of some sort. In our organisation, we have 4 visualisers produced in different technologies for this challenge.

I would love to make my own visualizer but time is not something I have plenty of :frowning: @Klem If possible I would appreciate if you can share the repo, The HAXE one is nice but i prefer a web based solution so I can share a replay with my friends that I play against.

If you log a Jira I can prioritise it with my scrum master…lol
I am still making some minor changes to it but it should be done by this weekend so I can send it to you by Monday