Game Engine Release

Hi Everyone!

This topic will be used for all future announcements of game engine releases.

Version 1.0.1 of the game engine has just been released.

Change Log:

  1. Fixed some typo’s in the game engine and output files.
  2. Updated Java bot to use Java 8 features.
  3. Fixed a bug where the game engine would throw an InvalidOperationException if a player tries to fire a weapon with no remaining ships.
  4. Changed Opponent Ship Types in the JSON to be string values instead of integer.
  5. Updated Game Engine to only pause on exit if it is running in a pretty session.
  6. Fixed a bug where the game engine could throw exceptions when placing ships in some scenarios.
  7. Fixed a bug where repeatedly hitting the same block with a ship on would continually award points.
  8. Fixed a bug where the game engine would not output files for different players with the same name correctly.
  9. Added additional sample bots.

#Version 1.0.2 Release
###Change Log:

  1. Improved support for Golang bots.
  2. Fixed a bug where the game engine would continue with the match if a bot fails to write a place file.
  3. Fixed a bug where ships could not be placed on the border of the map in an easternly or nothernly direction.
  4. Minor updates to ensure the game engine runs correctly on the tournament server.
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Version 1.0.3 Release

###Change Log:

  1. Added Julia support.
  2. Added calibration bot support.

Version 1.0.4 Release

###Change Log:

  1. Fixed a bug where a bot could not fire a shot in the same round that it’s last ship was destroyed.

Version 1.0.5 Release

Change Log:

  1. Added C++ bot support.

##Version 1.1.1 Release
####Change Log:

  1. Added new weapons to each ship.
    • Double Shot - Destroyer - Requires 8 rounds worth of energy to use
    • Corner Shot - Carrier - Requires 10 rounds worth of energy to use
    • Cross Shot Diagonal - BattleShip - Requires 12 rounds worth of energy to use
    • Cross Shot Horizontal - Crusier - Requires 14 rounds worth of energy to use
    • Seeker Missle - Submarine - Requires 10 rounds worth of energy to use
  2. Added new commands and command codes.
    • FireDoubleShotCommand
    • FireCornerShotCommand
    • FireCrossShotCommand
    • FireSeekerMissleCommand
  3. Added energy to players at the end of each round, depending on the map size selected.
    • Small Map - 2 Energy
    • Medium Map - 3 Energy
    • Large Map - 4 Energy
  4. Updated Console Harness to allow the new commands
  5. Updated C# and Java Reference Bot to make use of the double (Each time it has energy and the destroyer is still available)
  6. Fixed readme for seeker missle
  7. Added Tests for all weapon commands

Finally… Next 10 hours of my life, Gone… This will be fun. I have been patiently waiting for this one, Truth is, I am too bad with compiled languages, I couldn’t get the game harness to work. I guess we all have strengths and weaknesses. Good luck all. Lets raise the standard of this challenge a little in the next event.

Hi Guys,

A new release has been made, fixing one of the issues with starting energy and around the seeker missile selection order.

Version 1.1.2

Change Log:

  1. Changed order of searching for a seeker missile target
  2. Fixed issue with starting energy not lining up with mapsize

hi , was the points fixed too ? i see no mention of the fix , if you remember i mentioned the points did not add up correctly , at the end of a match i always had the result as 270 which was incorrect …

Hi wjb,

I had a look at it and could not find the issue yet, I am still busy with trying to figure why this happens.

okay ,thank you , i will peek a little too…

hi sorry for double posting , i had a look and this is what i see to help you in the right direction hopefully.

10 points per hit are added correctly which gives 17×10=170 , then after the win 100 is added to give 270 , but the 30 points per sunk is ignored .

Hi wjb,

I will have a look at that and see why this is happening

Hi Guys,

A new release has been made to the game engine, please not that the reference bot has not been updated.

Version 1.2.0 - 01 August 2017

Change Log:

  1. Fixed bug with points not being awarded when a ship is destroyed.
  2. Updated Seeker Missile to ignore shielded cells and damaged cells.
  3. Seeker Missiles require 12 rounds of energy to be used instead of 10.
  4. Fixed spelling of missile.
  5. Updated Rules section of readme to include rules for shield.
  6. Added Shields (please read Shield Rules for more details).

Regarding the shields: It doesn’t say explicitly in the rules that the shield will lose a charge when it is hit. Is that the case though?

Hi MajorPain,

That is not the case, the shield will not lose a charge if it is hit. It will only lose a charge at the end of the round while it is active.

Oh I see, so the shield protects the squares for one round per charge (when active).

Was the energy requirement for seeker missiles updated to 12 instead of 10? Seems like it.

Hi rfnel,

Yes it was, I forgot to include that in the changelog, I will do so now

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Another quick question - when will the new game engine be added to the player portal? By the looks of it, it’s still using the old one.