Mud/oil tiles

When moving over multiple slow down tiles is the desired outcome one decrease in speed state or a decrease for each tile hit?

I have the same kind of question. Is the following reasoning valid:

  • Driving along at any speed
  • Use a boost
  • This sets my speed to 15 for this round (and another four rounds)
  • The car will then travel 15 blocks no matter what happens next
  • If say there are two mud patches, one oil patch, one oil drum and one booster in the 15 blocks, this will be equal to three decelerates

The final sate is then:

  • Car moved 15 blocks in the same lane
  • Car speed is 6 going into the next round (Dropped from 15 to 9 and then from 9 to 8 and then from 8 to 6)
  • Car will have the same number of boosters going into the next round, since it used one and picked up one
  • Car will have one extra oil drum going into the next round

Another question, if the car is traveling at a speed of 3 and accelerate, it moves to the next speed state, which is 5 (and which is also the initial speed.) Or is 5 somehow not a speed state?

Hi all

The game engine squad will look into this later today. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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Hello @StevieNash : with regards to the point about hitting mutliple obstacles, each hit should reduce your speed. There is an active issues indicating a bug with this behaviour, we are looking to have it resolved soon.

Hello @gustav

  • the situation you described is correct. As mentioned there is an active issue where hitting multiple items of the same type does not have the intended affect, we are looking to resolve this soon.
  • with regards to speed state 5, it is a special speed state that players start with, so from speed 3, if you accelerate you would be at speed 6, and if at speed 6 you decelerate then you would end up on speed 3.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much. That makes sense.

@KyleMc Do you perhaps have a timeline on when this will be resolved, would change my gameplay a little and I need to test my changes.

Hello @StevieNash @gustav and @styphoiz a new release has been published which fixes the issue described above.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, will test tomorrow.

The changes seem to work, though a bot that just accelerates is now beating my bot which actually sucks, need some code tweaks again.

@KyleMc any idea when the fix for been on a mud/oil tile is been fixed, shows as HIT_MUD/HIT_OIL status when the next turn invokes due to been on that tile at the start of the turn.

Hello @styphoiz the situation you described sounds weird.

The state you see at the beginning of a round is a result of what happened in the previous round. So if you ended your previous round on a mud tile then when you start the current round it would say you hit mud.

You should however only experience one reduction of speed for that mud tile. Might be an edge case we missed where players are getting double penalized when ending a round on a mud tile.

I think there is an open issue that mentioned this. Will look into it.

Hope the explanation in the beginning helps :slight_smile:.

To answer your question, if it is an issue we will likely be doing another bunch of releases this weekend, so will try get it out by the end of this week.

On that note, just did a new release to fix collision logic, so enjoy :+1:


I think there may be some issues logged, 1 is for landing on a mud tile which starts your next turn with HIT_MUD as in you hit mud in the next round.
The other one is the oil drop which then makes your player state end up with HIT_OIL, I wonder if the oil drop should be on player’s x position - 1, regardless even if it’s on player’s position, it shouldn’t show me as having hit the oil.

I have just now encountered the Oil Drop bug where after dropping the oil I get a β€œHIT_OIL” penalty.

–> I used a BOOST without hitting mud or oil, then after dropping OIL I hit my own OIL trap:

player: id:1 position: y:1 x:816 speed:15 state:USED_BOOST boosting:true boost-counter:5 powerups: OIL:1
opponent: id:2 position: y:1 x:499 speed:8



Completed round: 95

Starting round: 96

player: id:1 position: y:1 x:831 speed:9 state:HIT_OIL boosting:false boost-counter:0 powerups: OIL:1
opponent: id:2 position: y:1 x:506 speed:3


This has been fixed in the later versions of the engine, sorry for the late reply to this thread :sweat_smile:

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