The Battle of Port Royal

Hello all!

With the competition in full swing, I wanted to send out a reminder that the first battle (The Battle of Port Royal) is set to take place in less than a months’ time (Entries close on Friday 9th June). Remember, this doesn’t exclude you from the rest of the competition if your bot isn’t ready, but you do lose out on the opportunity to win a Golden Ticket straight to the finals!

With the first battle upon us, comes the first of our hackathon meetup to be hosted at Entelect’s offices on Wednesday 24th May (17:00 – 22:00). This session is designed for contestants to socialize with each other, get assistance from the Entelect technical team and to have a space with likeminded individuals while creating / refining your bot. The Entelect technical team will be on hand to assist anybody in getting started and to answer any questions you might have etc.

Please follow the link below to RSVP as space is limited.

The Battle of Port Royal

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 5:00 PM

Entelect Learning Hub
3rd floor, Unit 17, 3 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch Johannesburg, ZA

23 Members Went

The Battle of Port Royal This will be the first Hackathon event for the Entelect Challenge. Join us to get assistance with getting your first bot running, socialize with other contestants, or just to have a space spend with like minded individuals while creating your bot. Please bring along a laptop if you will be spending some time writing your bo...

Check out this Meetup →

As promised, the first of our tutorials is up to help you guys get going with your bots. Roblol (our resident video game streamer) has put together 2 videos so far that take you through what the competition is about and how to get started.

We hope to see you at the hackathon meetup.

As per the official website ( Battle of Port Royal is scheduled to be held on 9 June 2017. Why was it moved to 24 May 2017? 2 Weeks before the official date?

Hi Dagert,

This is the hackathon event for the battle. The actual battle is still scheduled for 9 June.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hey guys, just found some time to finish up my entry.

Good luck to all and hope you can maximize your bots.

This competition has much psychological weight. As an example here. Mybot might wreck player A, and then Player A could wreck Player B who in turn wrecks me.

When I started looking at the 14 * 14 map I was a bit overwhelmed. For the best part I am trying to read into what my opponents would do and find potential weaknesses in that. Well, theres not much that can be done. but maybe I can do some more analysis as the weeks pass and the Game Harness becomes more complex.

Still having a good time and looking to redeem myself after the humiliating way my bot decided to kill itself last year… Well, Good luck all.

I’m curious - how will the battles work? Will it essentially be a mini-playoff event, much like the single large event for the previous challenges, just on a smaller scale?

Also, should a bot take first place and win a golden ticket, will that bot still be able to compete in subsequent battles and the playoffs?

Hi Riaan,

The battles will be online only. Unfortunately there will not be an official event that you can attend.

If your bot gets into first place then you will get a golden ticket entering you into the final tournament. You will however still be able to partake in all subsequent battles, you will just not be eligible for a golden ticket again.

Cool, thanks for confirming. Is it something that we’ll be able to stream?

You won’t be able to stream it. But the results will show live on the player portal as the matches progress.

Good day

I am looking forward to the first event this Friday.

I realize that there are 3 possible map sizes namely; 14 x 14, 10 x 10 (default) and 7 x 7.

For the Battle of Port Royal will you be pairing the bots off against each other using the current default of a 10 x 10 map size, or are you considering using one of the alternative map sizes?

I ask to ensure that I test my bot sufficiently before Friday’s battle.

Hi Brett,

The 14 x 14 map size will be used for the first battle.

Thank you Wackymax

That will be helpful in testing my bot

Thanks Wackymax. One more question - at what time will results be published on the player portal on Friday?

Hi Rfnel,

You will be able to look at the tournament as it progresses on the player portal. The tournament will only start at midnight on Friday however and will run run for x amount of hours/days until all the round robin matches are complete.

After all the matches for the tournament have been completed the it will go through a verification phase. If we are happy with the results then the winners will be announced.

Hi Wackymax, during the round-robin, will the bot be playing one game per opponent, or best out of three?


By Friday midnight, do you mean end of Friday, or end of Thursday. Just that this midnight thing confuses me sometimes :grinning:

I think its midnight tonight:

Hi CombatSupreme,

The round-robin will be one game per opponent. We unfortunately do not have the server capacity to allow everyone to face each other in a best of three style.

Hi jiro90,

It will be end of Friday. I see the time on the website is incorrect, our apologies for that confusion (guess the dev’s were also a bit confused about the difference). We will update the website this evening to indicate the correct time.

When do submissions close? Are they closes already? :open_mouth: I’m not seeing the login area on the website