Tournament 1 delay

Good afternoon everyone,

We are very sorry to announce that Tournament 1 will be delayed by a week. Unforeseen circumstances have forced us to postpone the exciting start to our 2022 Challenge. The new date is 14 May.

We are looking forward to seeing what everyone came up with this year.

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Does this also mean that we have a 1 week extention on entries?

Does not matter much on my end, My entry is for the first time complete.

But it does mean I can take it easier.

**The portal gives us a countdown to what I assume is the closing of entries. But theres not much other information. So it could be misread easily.

Good morning,

The portal should correctly reflect the new date now.

Hi did the tournament start? And will the leaderboard be realtime like previous years?

Going by past expectations the tournaments often start the day after submissions close to give the team time to look at last minute queries as well as it being on a Sunday,

Though I don’t know if starting on a Sunday isn’t easier because of normal work week demands.

I assume the team re-uses the best of previous years. So doubt they would go back to a non realtime leaderboard.

At the time of writing there does not seem to be anything up yet.

Pretty Excited for this first event. Think things will get pretty steamy…

Hi, so when should we expect the tournament to start? Midnight?

To my knowledge, the tournament has already started. I don’t think the leaderboard is going to be updated just yet.

I have to say the waiting for the results is killing me slowly. I am super amped to see the results. Will be checking the leaderboard every 15 min today… :sunglasses:

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Yeah just run it already! haha.

Being my first time submitting an entry for the entelect challenge, I am not quite sure what to expect.

Nervous excitement all round.

I cant wait either, but with the added tick delay it will take forever to run all the round robin games, depending on how many contestants there are this year.

Even if they just show the contestants alphabetically :slight_smile:

are there more people than me that sat up till 12 to not miss updates?

Some feedback on the tournament would be great.

The tournament structure on tournament structure was never updated and now it just redirects to coming soon.

What is the tournament format? round robin, swiss, single/double/triple elimination, etc?
Has it started running or when will it? Will the leaderboard be live or will it only update when everything is done?

Also, when (even rough estimate) is the next phase and can players that did not enter for this phase still enter for later phases?

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for your patience. The participation this year has been awesome and we loved seeing the unique approaches some of you took with your bots.

We are just busy finishing up tallying the points, paying the serfs and digging through some snow (you know how it goes). We are aiming to get you your results ASAP.

With regards to the tournament structure, we are updating the webpage to give you some more insights into how it all happens on our side.

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Thanks for the update Jako!

Every time I hit my browser refresh button, my browser is like…


Any progress update? Or just some indication if all the games has been run, or still some outstanding?

The anticipation is killing…

Hopefully not me… But yeah

I’m busy getting feedback on the feedback :face_in_clouds:

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Team is still working on it :rocket:


I hope there is enough coffee, oh and Pizza!

(Please thank the squad!)