Tournament 1 delay

Depending on changes I will stick to my current implementation.

If you have a genetic AI its generally hooked to a timer, which is why I mentioned earlier that the time issue is a fairness bug and really hurts players who write proper AI that “Thinks”.

I do believe they will implement some fix for that though.

We had a lot of margin for error in the first event, I have a lot of optimizations that I will be able to make most likely.

What i am saying is, dont worry about speed, it will be changed. For all we know time aside you may well be in the top 8 (considering you wrote Genetic AI).

And I might be 3rd or 4th. But if you look at what could of been its also a case of: time happens the way it happens,
Off for now. Super excited now.

Sidenote: Does anyone know if we would be able to analyze matches?
I mean, no problems to me if we cant.

But wondering. If not for event 1, maybe for event 2? Mainly Curious

Well done, everyone! Looks as though it’s going to be a good one this year .

Matter of interest - Is anyone else only seeing 25 competitors? Or is my browser flaking out?

Only 25 yes. I guess only 25 entries.

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