Tournament - questions


  1. Please could you advise what the anticipated deadline date for any rule or gameplay changes will be before the Worm-Ageddon tournament. I want to start leveling up my worms but do not want to spend too much time if the gameplay or rules will still change.

  2. Please advise what will happen in the Worm-Ageddon tournament if one of the winners from Early Bird Showdown or Modern Worm-Fare reaches the top 6 (They already have a Golden Ticket). Will the person in 7th place then get the Golden Ticket?

  3. Please can you explain what is meant by Double Elimination format for the At Worms End tournament.

Thank you


I’m also waiting in anticipation for the release of the new starter pack. Even a starter pack with the existing public changes would be useful.

In response to 2, last year the top 6 that didn’t already have golden tickets went to the finals. So 8 contestants went to the finals. Double elimination seem to be implemented as described here:


Hi @kuifie

1 - Sooooonnn…

2 - Yes, we will take the top 6 people excluding the current golden ticket holders. So there is a possibility that you can end in 7th or 8th and still make it to the finals.

3 - @Leon pretty much covered it. The only other thing to point out is that the 8 finalists will be seeded according to their finishing position in Worm-ageddon.


1 - Sooooonnn…

Do you mean this? :wink:

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