Tournament Request - Some Control

Hey guys.

I was wondering if we could have a seed lock for every round in the tournament.

Assuming we have Round Robin again, It would be great if all players had the exact same round. And that seeds within rounds do not vary for the Round Robin. That way if a map was “easy” or “difficult” everyone has the same trial within a round.

In terms of winning and losing this does not matter much, but for Average rounds and Score it changes everything.

Earlier I mentioned that I feel the bot that gets ahead first will always win (considering similar strategy) this is simply not true. I have seen a few times where my back bot wins. Because his route was a bit better. Its a battle at times.

Back on topic…

Both score and average rounds will be a great benchmark to see how our bots rank.
Unfortunately these metrics will be of little use if every single match seed was different for the whole round robin.

The reason is:
Some seeds are fast, others slow. some matches differ vastly across seeds.

Figured it could still be early enough to bring it up.

That way at the end we know all bots played the same kinds of matches and we can “trust” the stats.

Not too big a deal, I just had a match where I thought I “broke” something and when I seeded a different benchmark round, my bot did improve.

So thought it could be interesting to put same round matches for the Tournament on the same seed.
And if everyone played the exact same matches, We can look at score and average rounds and so on and know its a fairly accurate representation.

Hope everyone has a great time coding this one. I’m really looking forward to the playoffs. Always tense.

Hi Willie, I have raised this with the team and we will get back to you shortly.

I’m on the same page here, :smiley: third topic requesting this now

Hey, Sorry, I have been following the chat fairly closely,

I missed your post, but its exactly what I was thinking.

Topic 1 I remember, but it felt slightly different from my main point.

PS, your question was raised a while back, do I feel bumping it would also help raise awareness.
I completely agree with your assessment. I observed the same. Sorry for missing it though.

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Hello @WillieTheron and @styphoiz, we are currently looking into this and still need to discuss things on our side. Will revert when we have more concrete answers :slight_smile:

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Hello @WillieTheron and @styphoiz the approach we will be taking is:

  • run 2 matches per game
  • swap player positions for second match
  • player who wins twice is the winner
  • if draw after both games then player with the greatest score total wins

We believe the above approach will make the tournament matches as fair as possible and will also be updating the starter pack so you can run your local matches in this fashion to get a better feel for how your bots will perform. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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This is amazing, Thank you.

I always try and not be too picky and “snobbish” like, yeah, no matter what the circumstances this is fun and awesome that Entelect takes the initiative here.

Every year I have this lingering fear: “What of this is the last year”.

Anyways, thanks for awesomeness.

This also pretty much kills my concerns in terms of “integrity” of matches.

Because even if someone get a “high score fast seed” this round and I get the worst seed ever.
In the next round the roles could reverse.

But with all matches being a best out of 2. It takes away my concern of a “slightly” weaker bot beating me because of positioning. And with the starting position RNG out of the matches, I do not mind map seed influence.

I mention this because indirectly this approach does solve my concern with random seeds and rounds.
And leaving some RNG is also great because that’s part of code.

Looking forward to this update. Will test it a lot when you release it, Thanks

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