Tournament scoring - does it keep track of 2 matches

Hey all,

Does anyone know if a win on tournament meant winning both matches AND,
If score consists of both (so every win == 2 Matches).

Mainly trying to keep average score in mind. I see some beasts,
Honestly have no idea how Id fair.

My JavaScript bot was stuck on building so I might still have my shot if its determined server, but if its determined to be my own fault, Then I need to go by average score. Id know if my bot is overkill on score.

Id also not trust the leader board at this moment, some matches seemed to have issues.

And I assume they will be rerun and score will likely change a bit.
Hoping to still have my shot, but being neutral in case my problem was my own fault.

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Ahh, Thank you.

Im also looking at:

To re-iterate:

run 1 match
run 2nd match with swapped positions
winner is player that won twice
if draw winner is player with highest total score

This means that even if a player wins leg 1, they can still potentially lose the match.
IF the opponent wins the swapped state and leads on score.

At least according to the anouncement.

It all leads me to conclude, The leaderboard can be trusted, but it also cannot. Cause some wins will “shift” to other players. Exciting times…


Yeah, lots of fun. Though lane positioning luck seems to weigh a lot this year.

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That analysis is correct, we will keep the primary winning condition being “first to cross the line”. In the event of ties, we have to resort to other measurements like score.

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