Version 2022.1.2 πŸ™Œ

Good morning everyone :blush:
I hope you are all enjoying the bit of good weather :sunflower:

The game engine team has released the following updates to the engine: :muscle:

  • Gold action fixed :wrench:
  • Buildings can now be placed and building list will be updated :wrench:
  • Territories will update according to the building placedπŸ”§
  • New buildings :bank:!! LumberMill and FarmersGuild added
  • Updates to the readme with the correct commands and pay load additions :open_book:

Still working on:

  • Verifying if the buffs work as expected
  • more building to add
  • Balancing!!
  • Quickest bot winning - we have yet to investigate this one but will try to see what we can do to mitigate the advantage

As always thanks for your continued feedback :pray:


Thanks for the new release! Just a heads up, something is still not lekker with the releases, the file is not available for download

Hi There,

Excelent updates, Well Done.

Just want to confirm buildings and comment on quickest bot winning.
For buildings, do buffs stack or do they only apply to territory?

So will a food node surrounded by Farms yield +80% on the output? Or will only one building count

Secondly to answer the Quickest bot winning,
Due to the nature of the engine commands are processed on a first in first out basis.

Its not the simplest thing to correct. But I feel the following could work.

In the tick processor, Instead of processing player commands immediately, store all received player commands in a object.

Then run a balancing function on the command object:
What this balancing function can do is:

A) Handle max units, if users sent 500 units to a node with only 300 available. Then adjust the command to only 300.
If you can get point A in. Then the next part is easy.
B) Compare all player commands to the same nodes So if both player A and Player B sends 300 units to a base with 300 max units, Then calculate their percentages and let each player only have 150 units.

And if I send 100 units and player B sends 300 units, Player B should still get 75% of the resources.

Some notes:
A) What do we do with illegal units? I feel if you made an illegal move those units should return to your base and enter a 10 tick cooldown. As it is now, its possible that illegal units just get home without penalty. But I have not actually tested this
B) Doing max units first is important. because you do not want someone sending 1000 units to a 300 max unit base and walking off with most res.

If you do command validation inside this command balancing function, you can potentially remove a bit of validations from other functions. But it could be cool to give units some kind of timeout to the homebase. Essentially traveling nowhere.

Otherwise it feels like theres a unneeded margin for error there.

Anyways, just wanted to touch base on the Quickest bot winning error and what i feel would be the quickest way to fix. Dont want to take away the problemsolving fun here. But we are on a tight schedule.

Exelent updates above. I will hopefully have my own visualiser back on with buildings. Just first need to actually build something. And having Gold fixed was essential to those tests.

Thanks @kobus-v-schoor ! I just updated the latest release to have the starter-pack


Hi @Jordan and @Jenique , I’ve opened a PR ( with a bunch of bug fixes which should be released before the next phase can start:

  1. Bot territories were overlapping, and the engine was crashing because buildings were generating territory outside of the map
  2. Gold wasn’t getting consumed or checked for next tier advancement

Also, please consider what I mentioned in Is the gold consumption ratio supposed to be 1 per unit? - I don’t think having a consumption ratio of 1 per unit/per cycle for gold is going to be practical

PS: for those interested in running the build with the above fixes implemented, you can download the starter pack here (bottom of the page under artifacts): Fix #21 keep track of claimed territory and use it to make sure bot t… Β· kobus-v-schoor/2022-Arctica@b466455 Β· GitHub


Hi kobus-v-schoor,

Thank you very much for raising this. It has been communicated to the team.

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