Visualiser Bugs and Issues

Hello challengers!

Please use this thread to report any feedback or issues you find with the visualiser.

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I have installed the visualiser on Windows 10 64 bit machine. It starts, it loads the gameState_gameComplete file (files as written by the game engine) but if I enter "Begin’ it loads the screen with the view of a black ball but then it just hangs. I have changed the file names to look like your example but it still just hangs.

What am I doing wrong?

Just tested and I have the same experience. Also win10 x64.

Hi @thinus and @RHL,

Is it only a black circle or can you see the game objects? Also, did you hit spacebar to start the match after it loads?

It says 10 Players but then I can only see the black circle. I think it is waiting for something, since the only way I can exit it is by killing it from the Task Manager.

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Thank you for the feedback, we’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello everyone,

Can you please confirm the files are in the same directory, with names like:

on my machine the files are in c:/Entelect 2021/starter-pack/Logs/ with names

When I run galaxio.exe it opens the display and shows Begin/Load/etc. I then select Load and I select the file. It then shows the file name between Begin and Load. If I click on Begin a green screen with a black circle appears, with a lighter area in the top left with Players : 10 on it. Then it hangs and the keyboard is unresponsive. I have to use Ctrl/Alt/Del to get to Task Manager to kill it. Task Manager shows around 83mb used with 0 cpu time

If I look at the Event Viewer in Windows I get an error message which I think occurs when I invoke the Task Manager. Immediately after the error message I get the following message. Connection error: The remote name could not be resolved '"
Network available: True

I do not know if this lot relates to galaxio

Please rename that game complete file to use a lower case g, such that: GameStateLog_2021-03-28_11-04-32_gameComplete.json and let me know if that works?

Also please ensure the GameStateLog file is ending in .json

We’ll be doing another release shortly to solve some of these issues


I changed the GameStateLog_2021-03-28_11-04-32_GameComplete.json file to be GameStateLog_2021-03-28_11-04-32_gameComplete.json. This did not change anything.

If I change the GameStateLog_2021-03-28_11-04-32 file to be GameStateLog_2021-03-28_11-04-32.json then both the ‘state’ and the ‘complete’ files show in the list of files. However there is no change

I have found that I can move the black circle around by using WSAD keys

Hi all,

I will be updating the visualiser soon with some extra validation and a short readme. The update should address the above mentioned issues.

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This is correct - please choose the state log from this list, and then it should work for you.

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Thank you. If I add ‘.json’ to the game state file and load the game state file it works. The visualiser looks great.

I had the same problem. Renaming my files to match the file names provided worked for me.

matchState.json => matchLog.json
gameComplete.json => matchLog_gameComplete.json

In my experience changing the match state to a JSON file and then loading that file works.

We’ve identified the above as an issue with the logger and will be fixing it shortly. I’ll give feedback once its been updated