Visualiser Released!

Hello Challengers!

We have launched the visualiser!

This is a great tool we’ve used during the development of the challenge, and now we are releasing it to you for use with your bots for testing and seeing what is going on in the match!

It is available on the github repository, as well as being bundled in the latest starter pack.

There is a thread here for providing feedback and bugs on the visualiser.

At this point, there is only a Windows build. More builds for other OS’s will follow, stay tuned for that!

Thanks, James.


The latest starter pack now also contains a MacOS build, and a host of quality of life improvements. Please ensure you grab your visualiser from either the github repo, or the latest starter pack!


Log file names using the 12 hour clock are very confusing. If you have a few files in the morning and a few in the afternoon, it becomes a mission to locate a specific file. In the next release could you possibly use the 24 hour clock


Thanks for the feedback thinus.

You can also control what your logfiles are named by setting an environment variable on your machine called “MATCH_STATUS_FILE” to specify the file names.

Alternatively, you can also use the docker-compose to run things, and in that case, you can set the environment variable inside the docker compose file.

Hi @James.Reynolds , will you release a Linux build of the Visualiser? I don’t even have windows installed anymore :thinking:

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Hi @dolfiedekock,

Thanks for showing your interest on this. We are currently working on the best way forward for the visualiser, to make it as accessible as possible. I’ll have a chat to the team about whether we can bring about a Linux build, and let you know