Weird Bug: Cybertruck

Hey Guys, I might have found a fairly bad bug in the system last moment.

The way I understand CyberTrucks,

Round sequence should be:

Round Starts
Do Movements
Trigger Cybertruck Collisions
Cast New Cybertruck

Now this is all cool, But. Cybertruck does not seem to ignore a player’s starting tile.

I did not code this into my own bot, (I do know Lizzard avoids this problem as well. ).

I believe the version of my bot I have now is pretty much as strong as I can get it.
So hope I did not miss something.

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Thanks for the report Willie.

I will ask the team to investigate this, and if it is an issue we will fix it for the last tournament.

Hello @WillieTheron we are not entirely sure what you mean by “Cybertruck does not seem to ignore a player’s starting tile”. Could you perhaps provide a Round A => Round B example that illustrates the problem please?

Hey, Here is the full scenario:

I start a round example:

This round I have a boost (15 speed) and the opponent Tweets on my destination.

So Both myself and the Cybertruck occupies the same tile:

The purple tile is the opponent truck, and I am there was well.

Then on the next round, it immediately triggers a colision and pushes me back one tile (ignoring any move I make except for “lizzard”, which seems to “avoid” this case) leaving me on:


So the issue I see is that cybertruck colision triggers for a person’s starting tile, which creates a bit of an inconsistancy. As all other objects are ignored for the starting tile. Which is different from the rest of the harness.

And in all other cases, a Cybertruck is basically delayed for 1 turn (so players can then choose how to respond). But in this case it can be considered a same turn move. which is unavoidable and allows the front player to completely cancel out Boost if they wished to do so. As any boost can just be countered with a tweet,
Fairly difficult to impliment, but I know I can.

So I feel thats one “Bug” to look at.

Have watched a few games from this round where this happens - apparently dropping cybertrucks on people is a popular tactic! Looks like you can turn, or use a lizard, and you won’t get pushed back by the truck on top of you, but if you travel straight forward it counts as a hit and pushes you back. So there are ways out of it!

I did not notice the turn part,

But yeah, theres ways around it, Would have been great to see earlier, would have been handy, I actually noticed it probably 10 PM on Saturday when I dropped one on myself. But obviously I did not want to fuss too much with that tactic so close to the end.

Still, It can really mess a person up that one.

PS, I like the way your Bot handles the Cybertruck, it seems similar to my own tact, but I have a few things to do in light of current results. Hoping the updates are mercyful…

Hello @WillieTheron and @Malman this bug has been fixed and will be available in the next release

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