Tower Defence Game Configuration

As you all know, this year’s game is tower defence. The Entelect Challenge team have tried our best to make sure that the game is well balanced to allow for a multitude of tactics and strategies, however, from experience, we have found that the community always have suggestions to improve the game. We have put thought into mitigating over powered approaches to allow for more diversity in solving the problem.

We are allowing a two week window for suggestions and feedback from the community in altering the following properties of the game. Please also bear in mind that we will be releasing new dynamics to the game after the first stage on 10 June 2018.

Energy Building:

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Construction time
  • Energy generated

Attack Building

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Construction time
  • Fire rate

Defence Building

  • Cost
  • Health
  • Construction time


  • Damage given

I will build a prototype next week and if there’s anything I will respond here… Unfortunately I cannot start today. Maybe not even tomorrow. But I know myself. I will not last past this weekend… I have this inner burn. Thank you for attempting a tower defense. My favorite form of code (AI) in what is by far my favorite form of game (Tower Defence) in my favourite game genre (Strategy).

A bit over excited. But that just means that I might build something great this year.


c++ will be supported?

Hi linjoehan,
Currently c++ isn’t supported, but if someone from the community submits a c++ starter bot, we will support it.

Here is a link to the repo where the read me file explains how to submit a starter bot for a new language.

Under Missiles in the guide it mentions speed and seems to alude to a change in speed yet from what I see it only ever stays constant a 1 block per turn. Will this change? Say there is a unopposed lane or a speed bump if no intercept after 3 blocks? Or a speed bonus for a missile fired at the rear or a speed nerf ( fuel cost? )based on distance? Can think of a few tweaks to missile.

Hi KosmikZA,

Currently we do support missiles that can move faster, they will move multiple cells in a single round and are subject to hitting buildings in that sprint (no skipping over cells). However, there is no building yet that fires missiles moving faster than 1 cell per round

So in the future you might see more advanced attack buildings fire these super-quick missiles :wink:

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Hey guys, thanks for the challenge, I am looking forward to it and will hopefully get a submission in.

  1. In the rules, each building’s configuration is defined. Are these values going to change?
  2. If they can change, how suddenly will it occur and will these values be made available in the game.state?
  3. If 1 more rocket is required to destroy a building yet 2 impact it at the same time, will both be destroyed or will 1 destroy the building and the other continue?
  1. These values could change in each new release. Due to new building types in these releases, we might have to tweak balancing on the old buildings.
  2. We are looking into adding them to the state file, as it will really benefit you guys to get this info from the same place everytime
  3. That is a bug that is being resolved. The “extra” missile is supposed to pass that building

I noticed that aswell, the inputs only include the building costs, it would be nice to also include construction time, HP, weapon damage, weapon cooldown, energyregen. Then buildings could have random attributes which will make the game a lot more fun , with strategy having to vary between attack and defense, or possibly even have hybird buildings that do regen and defense… I don’t know just my 2 cents

We will extend the window for suggestions and feedback from the community up to the 27th of May, until midnight. A new version will be released soon, with all these balancing properties exposed to the players.

Note that this will be for experimentation, since the tournaments will run on a final balancing set. Keep an eye out for the release on Friday, 11 May :wink:

Will this new release allow us to change the grid size?

yes. as well as the stats for buildings, energy per turn and the like.

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